Test musical fidelity primo

When you asked for the best possible medium-sized bookshelf speaker, respected loudspeaker manufacturer RBH Sound delivered. You get a lightning-quick AMT tweeter, a premium " woofer with a chrome phase-plug, a rounded cabinet with an exquisite veneer, and RBH's highly-regarded engineering acumen. These are certainly promising ingredients for a loudspeaker, but how well do they add up in actuality? In our review of the RBH Sound SV-61R, we get our hands on RBH's best efforts for a medium-sized bookshelf speaker and see how well it performs not only in our laboratory testing but also with our favorite music.

Musical Fidelity M6i integrated amplifier
Connections: Line level inputs: 1x XLR, 4x phono line level outputs: 1x phono, 1x tape phono output, 1x preamp outputs?
USB input: USB type “B” (square) socket
Speaker outputs: 3-Way Binding Posts
Output?Power: 200 WPC @ 8 Ohms (23dBW) ?
Voltage: 45 Volts RMS, 20Hz to 20 kHz; onset of clipping (126 Volts peak-to-peak) ?
Current peak-to-peak: 45 Amps ?
Damping factor: 170 ?
Output devices: 2 pairs per channel??
Line Input?THD+N: <% typical, 20Hz to 20 kHz ?
Signal / noise ratio: >100dB ‘A’-weighted ?
Input impedance: 38k Ohms ?
Frequency response: +0, –, 10Hz to 20 kHz?? ?
Power consumption: 680 Watts maximum
Black or silver finish
Dimensions (WxDxH): (including terminals)

” I was able to evaluate at least the aspects I was most concerned about, . the dissipation factor in the 805 amps.  The 845 tube in these amps are biased right at the rated maximum for that tube, and I was concerned the Psvane version having only 75 watts of total dissipation might not work well in these units.  Since some of our customers had started using them I thought it would be a good idea to see if they in fact would survive.  In addition, I wanted to see if there was any improvement in the sound.  As it turned out the dissipation set in these amps with the samples sent were at about 115 watts per tube which is considerably above what they are rated for.  However, I let them play continuously for over a week and bias remained stable, and there was no red-plating.  In addition, the improvement in presentation was considerable.  I never noticed the graininess in the Chinese 845 tubes until I tried these.  The realism is almost scary with the Psvane tubes.  Soundstage more 3-D and centered.  Female vocals are like honey.  All and all these are a substantial improvement over the stock tubes, and I will begin to recommend them as upgrades.  I can’t tell you how much I really appreciate Grant Fidelity lending me these as they really put these amps in a whole new league.”

Test musical fidelity primo

test musical fidelity primo


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