Tshirt bol d'or

All this money is almost nauseating to even think about, and that’s exactly the point. Qatar, by way of PSG, want you to think of them as an entity so rich and powerful that nothing can prevent them from achieving what they most desire, that even the established powers-that-be must cower before their financial might, and that when their best-laid plans finally, inevitably come to fruition, the result is a product so dazzlingly and stupefyingly great that no one can help but bow down in awe of what they’ve created. After all, it’s a bit harder to remember thousands of faceless poor people dying in deplorable working conditions when the resulting World Cup stadiums are just so damn cool looking , or to think of the thousands of innocent people murdered at the hands of terrorists backed by the Qatari government when the broad smiles and shining faces and stunning highlights of Neymar and Mbappé in their gorgeous PSG shirts are plastered on the TV all the time.

Tshirt bol d'or

t shirt bol d'or


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