Tbulb sizes

Reading Lamps
Many high intensity reading lamps use halogen bulbs. The light can be pointed directly at the reading material without disturbing others.
Decorator Lighting
Some chandeliers use halogen bulbs for a clean and crystal-like appearance. Halogen bulbs also come in colors for special decorator lighting effects.
Halogen bulbs are used in spotlights for stage performances including plays and concerts. The intense light can easily be Lighting
Halogen bulbs produce bright lights to illuminate large areas for security purposes as bright light can discourage thieves and burglars.
Halogen Bulbs are used for photography and video production. The intense light helps reproduce colors more effectively.

Medium bi-pin base T12 (1½ inch in diameter) lamps once came in 24″, 36″ and 48″ lengths, of 30, 25, and 40 watts respectively. They did not require a starter. As a result of the Energy Policy Act of 1992, the full-wattage 48″ 40-watt T12 CW (cool white, once the most widely used fluorescent), D, WW and WWX lamps may no longer be legally made or imported, among other bulbs. Instead, lower wattage 34-watt replacements were to be used. Full-wattage bulbs may only be made if the maker makes a more energy-efficient bulb by using a more expensive mixture of phosphors.

Tbulb sizes

t bulb sizes


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