T-bolt target/varmint

• Free floating heavy varmint barrel and semi-match chamber
• Three-layed, externally adjustable trigger
• Satin finish walnut stock

Browning®'s T-Bolt is one of the most accurate, handy, and easy-to-shoot rimfires ever produced. These modern versions rely on the classic straight-pull bolt-action design to chamber each cartridge fed from the new 10-round rotary box Double Helix magazine. The T-Bolt's three-lever trigger offers a light, crisp break, and every barrel is free floating. The Target/Varmint Model will appeal to those who are serious about accuracy. With a satin finished walnut stock and heavy varmint barrel that provides pinpoint accuracy, this T-Bolt rivals custom guns costing much more. Other features include an adjustable trigger and a top tang safety.

T-bolt target/varmint

t-bolt target/varmint


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