Tball zebulon nc

Chuck 704-284-8864, Six 704-200-8419

CANCELLED Aug 25 - 27 2017
The Buffalo Riders Trail Ride
28434 General Thomas Hwy, Franklin VA
$No Fee
Ride threw history in Franklin Va. Fish Fry, and entertainment! Ken Wright 757 286 1493 or Rick Blunt 757 556 9044


Sept 1 - 3 2017
Lumber River Campground LABOR DAY RIDE
429 Tar Landing Evergreen NC 28438
$50 per person includes hookup (water, electricity, lot) bathhouses, 2 nights of supper/dancing;

The headline makes it sound like hurricanes hit yesterday. -- comment

You know, if you don't keep up with the news, come reading the headlines, one could think it just happened!

I kept my station open one Christmas. A working guy pulled in with his truck, came in, said, "what's going on today? No traffic." I said, "It's Christmas Day"

He didn't realize it was Christmas. He did some silent movie poses, got a loaf of bread, candy and chips, beer and went back to his motel room.

Sometimes work takes over our lives when our lives have bummed out. When jobs bum out, let our family and friends take over, I say. Don't sit around saying THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN PAY DAY.

Tball zebulon nc

t ball zebulon nc


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