Primo 100 route

Because of the new racial laws and the increasing intensity of prevalent fascism, Levi had difficulty finding a supervisor for his graduation thesis, which was on the subject of Walden inversion , a study of the asymmetry of the carbon atom. Eventually taken on by Dr. Nicolò Dallaporta, he graduated in mid-1941 with full marks and merit, having submitted additional theses on x-rays and electrostatic energy . His degree certificate bore the remark, "of Jewish race". The racial laws prevented Levi from finding a suitable permanent job after graduation.

Road names are shown as pop-up labels, with the name of the road you’ll be turning into at the top, and the one you’re currently on at the bottom. The distance to the destination can be found at the bottom right, and you can expand this out to include the estimated arrival time and the amount of time left on the journey.

At major multi-lane highway interchanges, there’s a full-screen graphic to ensure you get in the right carriageway, with an approximation of the signposting along the top, which is always useful. A rather surprising inclusion at this price is 3D landmarks for some cities. This isn’t a feature I’ve found particularly useful, but it’s still pretty amazing to find it in a sat-nav costing £30.

Primo 100 route

primo 100 route


primo 100 routeprimo 100 routeprimo 100 routeprimo 100 routeprimo 100 route