Primo 100 pennarelli

The detail adaptor can also be used on its own as a straight jet nozzle tool or along with the 90 degree jet nozzle attachment. These tools are great for cracks and crevices. Make sure to concentrate the steam directly on the area to be treated with as minimal distance as possible, no more than 1” away. The steam will condense and cool off and not be effective to kill pests and their eggs if the jet tip is not directly on the surface being treated. The detail adaptor can be attached directly to the steam gun or to any of the extension tubes.

We are living in an age of fear, in which, cause of differencies, men go on building walls and barriers, stoking suspicion, losing sight of common belonging to one big human family.
The clash of civilizations reveals itself in its most brutal and bloody aspects: terrorism, wars, genocides, with different reasons, but similar tragic effects: most of the victims are innocent people, not who benefits from this terror policy.
Often, religion becomes a real excuse to justify, once again, an unacceptable bloodshed.
This is a peaceful message, an invitation to open our eyes and mind, to reveal this big lie.
Every man is free to believe in his god and follow the faith which feels nearest to himself: this deserve absolut respect.
We want firmly disapprove the improper use of religion, to justify the killing of other human beings.
With hope It may be useful to meditate about it and act to build a future of Love, Peace and Respect for everyone on this earth.
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The Vapamore Primo Steam Cleaner produces steam up to 220°F to clean and sanitize without using chemicals. Powerful steam safely and effectively eliminates germs, dust mites, bed bugs, mold and mildew without turning your home into a chemistry lab. It's great for cleaning kitchens and food preparation equipment, bathrooms, bedding, upholstery, pet areas and much more. Includes a liter stainless steel boiler, solenoid operated steam control and a 1500 watt water heater. 50 PSI; adjustable steam output; the large 1/2 gallon tank operates for 60 minute. Also includes an 18-ft. retractable cord and onboard storage for accessories.

Primo 100 pennarelli

primo 100 pennarelli


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