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There were two subsequent episodes featuring Dora Hand: "The Reformation of Jim Kelley" (October 30, 1956), about the romance of Kelley and Dora, [13] and "So Long, Dora, So Long" (November 13, 1956), a dramatization of the shooting death of Dora, who is killed the day before her planned wedding to Jim Kelley. In the episode, James "Spike" Kenedy, is given the name "Bob Rellance" and played by Joe Turkel . Rellance has his own interest in the older Dora and sets out to kill rival suitor Jim Kelley but instead ambushes and shoots Dora to death in a cabin owned by Kelley. Rellance believes, however, that he is shooting Kelley, not Dora. [14]

• the Group’s recent acquisitions of Scott & Co and Moreton Smith;
• the importance of values, culture and a customer service ethos in debt recovery;
• Marston’s ground-breaking Body Worn Video technology;
• agent and staff diversity, and the encouragement of talent;
• how effective enforcement underpins a fair society;
• the success of the Tribunals, Courts & Enforcement Act reforms;
• the role of the CBI Public Services Strategy Board;
• the need for reform of the civil courts;
• why a stronger mid-tier supplier base bidding for larger government contracts is desirable; and
• his vision for the next five years.

Masterson holdings

masterson holdings


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