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The Sportpaleis is also well connected to the Antwerp public transport system. Underground, next to the Sportpaleis, lies Sport premetro station, which is serviced by tram routes 2 , 3 and 6 , running between either Luchtbal or Merksem to the north and the city centre and the western or southern parts of the city in the other direction, via the Antwerp premetro network. Above ground also lies the terminus of tram route 12 , following an above ground trajectory toward the city centre and Zuid neighborhood to the south. In addition to these, tram route 5 also has a stop called "Sportpaleis" near the premetro exit at the Ten Eekhovelei to the south of the complex. The route runs between Deurne and Wijnegem to the east and the city centre and Linkeroever to the west. Finally, it is also serviced by bus lines 19 and 413. [13]

i have what would seem to be the issue as you, things just don't taste the same, almost make you sick. I have hade some of the taste buds on my tongue, come off. I have the burning feeling you are talking about. Due to an injury I have been on medication that is not stomach friendly, so for the past five years I have been taking Ranitidine (300mg x 3 per day). I don't think this is the answer to your problem. You did not mention if you take any other medications, this could be a reaction caused by one of them. My problems started a few months back shortly after I started taking a drug called Topiramate, may or may not be related but it would be good to know if anyone eles who has replyed to this topic is on this drug..... Good luck, I really hope this helps, as I know what you are dealing with..

Hi…I just recently started making my own wet food to add to the grain free kibble for my dogs. My older dog seems to have a definite allergy to wheat. We adopted a new dog and in my effort to entice him to eat, I introduced him to a regular wet food with his kibble and let my older one have some as well. Within 2 months, we noticed that he was showing signs of atopic dermititus around his eyes. So now I am making their food with ground turkey, kidney beans, peas, carrots and brown rice and adding some fish oil once it is cooked. Within a week, we are seeing an great improvement to his eyes…plus, they love it! Less expensive than anything from the store!

Mast s vitaminem e

mast s vitaminem e


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