Mast elementary school

Peer Tutors: Academic Anchors is our peer tutoring program. It is available to all students seeking academic support. Academic Anchors are students in grades 10-12 who have been chosen through an application and recommendation process. You may request a tutor in any subject area online (also posted on the Student Tutoring Schoology Group page). An Academic Anchor will then contact you directly by email or phone to set up a time to meet. You may request a one-time or ongoing tutor. If you are seeking support in English and/or math, you should visit the Writing Center or Math Center for 1:1 support before requesting an individual tutor.

We are very excited to inform you about a wonderful learning opportunity for your child! As part of the English Language Arts revision process, beginning in January through the end of this school year, nineteen teachers throughout the district in grades prekindergarten to grade 6 will begin the initial implementation of the Worlds of Wonders 2017 (Wonders) core reading program that will replace Reading Street.  At Bartlett the teachers involved in the implementation are Mrs. Audley, Mrs. Guerrette, Mrs. Crete, and Mrs. Johnston.

We believe that a well planned implementation of Wonders will support our ongoing efforts to provide all students with equitable instruction that is purposeful, targeted and relevant.

Mast elementary school

mast elementary school


mast elementary schoolmast elementary schoolmast elementary schoolmast elementary schoolmast elementary school