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K1 Kim Volz
K2 Angela Valentino
K3 Kerri Ward
K4 Cecelia Zapiec
101 Lauren Gerber
102 Brigid Finn
103 Lauren Martin
201 Jenna Mattox
202 Danielle Dolton
203 Tricia Halligan
204 Nancy Beilman
301 Lisa Seiber
302 Katie O’Connor
303 Diana Reading
304 Theresa Logue
SAIL I Brittany Ainsley
Art/Makerspace Kate Houser
Technology Emily Koerner
Music – Joy Yoo
PE – Ricky Mason

Carolina High Mast, a Division of CHM Industries, produces complete systems for illuminating large indoor and outdoor areas including sporting venues, highways, freight yards, ports, commercial parking lots, shopping centers, industrial plants, toll plazas, airports, power plants, parks and sports yards. Carolina High Mast designs, fabricates and warrants the entire system including the towers, lowering device and luminaire.

Carolina High Mast offers a complete line of lowering and fixed lighting systems. The lowering device system lowers the fixtures to ground level for relamping and maintenance without the need to expensive or cumbersome heavy equipment. The fixed systems are offered in both bottom fused and remote ballast. 

The complete CHM lighting system is designed and manufactured in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas.     

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