Lean year round cycle

This doesn’t mean that the work team is free to set any standard they like in a vacuum. This is the whole point of the daily interaction between leaders at all levels. The status-quo is always subjected to a challenge to move to a higher level. The process itself is predicted, and tested, to produce the intended quality at the predicted cost, in the predicted time, with the predicted resources. Because actual process and outcomes are continuously compared to the predicted process and outcomes, the whole system is designed to surface “unknowns” very quickly .

Dear Gemba Coach,I run a Lean Promotion Office(LPO) and my team mostly conducts kaizen events across the company. We are usually seen as successful in getting results and are well supported by our senior management. One problem is that middle-managers often complain about how individual LPOs go about effecting change, coming in with preconceived solutions, not listening to the people on the ground and sometimes adversely affecting operations in ways that don’t show up in the indicators. We see the lean program as quite successful overall, and have difficulties reconciling this with what we see is a worsening reputation. Have you come across situations like that? read more »

Jeff Porada is the Global Director of Lean Six Sigma at Jabil.  Jeff manages the “Business Process Re-engineering Team” from Jabil’s corporate headquarters, in St. Petersburg, FL.  He is responsible for the strategically-driven transformation efforts of Jabil’s Corporate Functions and Capabilities, including: Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Legal, Supply Chain Management, and Engineering Technology Services.  Jeff has 20 years of professional experience of working in various industries with the ability to successfully influence and positively impact a culture at all levels of an organization to embrace a philosophy of continual improvement.  Jeff has a demonstrated track record of driving business transformations resulting in significant financial savings and operational performance.  

Lean year round cycle

lean year round cycle


lean year round cyclelean year round cyclelean year round cyclelean year round cyclelean year round cycle