Lean manufacturing cycle counting

My name is Melanie Barlow from the Shingo Institute, I am currently looking for exhibitors for our 27th International Conference located in Provo, Utah, USA; May 4th-8th, 2015. I believe that our attendees would be very interested in Lean Manufacturing Tools. We are a culture based educational organization that is highly respected for building lean operating systems and developing strong company culture. We work with work renowned companies international based such as Rexam, Autoliv, Boston Scientific, and many more throughout production and healthcare. For more about us please go to http:// . If you are interested in exhibiting please contact me at @ or by phone at .
I look forward to working with you in the future.

      In today's world more and more organizations are realizing how important eliminating wasted resources , improving quality and customer satisfaction is in order to sustain a competitive business. There is also a pressure to reduce manufacturing, operating and inventory costs and increase efficiencies not only in manufacturing but in different types of industries, such as banking, business and community services. The challenge today is adapting these concepts and technologies to this wide range of industries successfully. The key to success in implementing lean manufacturing principles in any organization is to foster a culture of continuous improvement within its company culture , quality focus , lean thinking, and customer satisfaction as the organization's ultimate goal. This shift in culture, if not already present, must come from top management and be embraced by all layers of the organization.

Lean manufacturing cycle counting

lean manufacturing cycle counting


lean manufacturing cycle countinglean manufacturing cycle countinglean manufacturing cycle countinglean manufacturing cycle countinglean manufacturing cycle counting