Lean bulk aas cycle

I would reccommend you purchase some liv52 or milk thistle from your local vitamin store, this is to fight off any toxins from the Anadrol 50 and to help with the liver regeneration process. Take you Anadrol 50 in divided doses, so say at lunch time you take 1 tablet and im guessing most of you will train after work around 6pm so take the second tablet one hour before training.

Test 400 and Equipoise are both to be injected once per week, each shot will be a 2ml shot providing 800mg of Testosterone per week and 600mg of Equipoise per week. Best advice would be do a 2ml shot of test 400 on the monday and a 2ml shot of equipoise on a thursday each and every week. Keep things regular not too irratic as you want things to go perfect...  You should have injecting experience before doing this course but i will remind people that long acting strong compounds like test and deca should be injected into the buttocks!!!  i stick to monday on the left thursday on the right!!!

Lean bulk aas cycle

lean bulk aas cycle


lean bulk aas cyclelean bulk aas cyclelean bulk aas cycle