Dinobulk truck loader

With the updates in the world of technology, more and more online games are released simultaneously. The games are now advanced compared to the games which existed around 10 years ago. Flash games are introduced in the market with the purpose of providing entertainment to all its players because of its lively high resolution display, attractive and colourful features. On the brighter side, it is a positive thing to note that with the number of games being produced, one can identify the best game to play, such as the Truck Loader 1 game.

“I was not really aware of a sugar shortage in Europe until I started receiving remarkably frequent requests for Dino Bulk truck loaders for sugar and I came into contact with these sugar processors. The Dino is indeed extremely suitable for loading sugar safely and quickly. Repacking big bags and loose bagged goods into silo wagons is a profitable business. If for example you already load one or two trucks a week, it is worth using a Dino. Also you are not bound to one factory or warehouse, since the Dino is mobile and fits into a sea container or onto a normal truck. You can then use the Dino anywhere in the world .” says Roel Kneepkens, Sales Engineer at Van Beek.

At the time, Wessem Port Services had compiled a comprehensive list of requirements, which still applies. “The system had to be mobile, because we have a variety of bulk goods over several warehouses in our dock areas. This also meant that we needed a system that was easy to clean, so that it could be quickly deployed for a different product, without the risk of contamination between products. Furthermore, the loading speed had to be at least the same or greater than 50 m3/h, which is what most fixed systems can achieve. The Dino was the only system that met all these requirements”.

Dinobulk truck loader

dinobulk truck loader