Dianabol gep

Side effect
Despite just a small structural change on the 17th carbon compared to boldenone, Methandienone possesses a much stronger side effects, noticeably at the daily dose of 20-30 mg. Negative impacts commonly appearing when taking anabolic steroids to body such as water retention, oily skin, acne, hair loss, high blood pressure, aggression are more active with Methandienone even at a low doses. For women, it is an irregular hair body growth, parallel with the same result in menstrual cycle. They have to handle with noted masculine effects such as deepened voice, a growth on the face and mood becoming more aggressive. The ability to aromatize of Methandienone is weaker than that of Testosterone, so estrogen concerning side effects like Gynecomastia happen especially with high dosage or drug abuse.

Dianabol gep

dianabol gep


dianabol gepdianabol gepdianabol gepdianabol gepdianabol gep