Dianabol and high blood pressure

Pretty basic cycle but my question comes in with the Dbol. This is my first time using Dbol as my first cycle was straight 500 mg/week of Test E. I have a history of high blood pressure in my family and on any given day it will be around 135-140/90. I'm on my 3rd day of Dbol and have been experiencing signs of dangerously high blood pressure. I've been having severe head aches and pretty bad chest pains that feel like someone is squeezing/sitting on my chest, and this is only at 25 mg. I went on my lunch break today and checked my blood pressure and it was 153/85!!! No bueno!! I know Dbol can increase blood pressure, but this much? Should I expect this to play itself out as my body adjusts to the Dbol, or should I discontinue use of it? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

As of the printing of Anabolics 2000 I reported no preparation that was being made in a dosage over 5mg, but just two years later we now have several preparations carrying l0mg, and one weighing in with an incredible 25mg per tablet. That equates to 5 normal Dianabol tablets worth of steroid, which I think is clearly indicative of a new trend in steroid manufacturing. Understanding that the steroid market in many parts of the world really caters to athletes, many producers have seemingly been rushing to release newer and more shockingly high dosed products. Not only Dianabol, but also versions of Testosterone cypionate, Testosterone propionate, nandrolone decanoate, nandrolone laurate, stanozolol, boldenone undecylenate and oxandrolone have been released in the past two years carrying higher dosages than ever before seen commercially. With the extremely lucrative market for steroids at this time there is little doubt that this trend will continue.

Dianabol and high blood pressure

dianabol and high blood pressure


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