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i for certain will not rely on the interpretation on that book from china, and will definitely suggest the same to the others, beyond political perspective. any documentary touch done on these ethnic lines, will definitely burn their wrath should there be any attempt to look into these cultures beyond the superficial look of the costumes. which is why it is important for taiwanese to do it herself, and to face the reality and the existence of the diversity of the taiwanese herself, as i do know some taiwanese do not actually share the same belief as the majority of the other taiwanese.

with all due respect, my point is the comparison and conclusion aren't logically related because of the long list of variables; you could compare a phone with a 8x10 camera and images on the internet will look the same. of course the photographer, subject, lighting and composition are the main elements; but the conclusion strongly implied is that it isn't worthwhile to upgrade to a full frame camera. yet the author himself says he uses a full frame for workability reasons -yet another variable reasoning. the question being tested is essentially too vague for any methodology to properly answer - in what way/s are they the same or different; which clients aren't going to see the difference, etc etc. don't get me wrong, test charts and computer measurements are also very prone to unnaccounted variables (sorry dpr), but you can't give poor methodology and logic any creditability by calling it 'real world'

Diana lol portrait

diana lol portrait


diana lol portraitdiana lol portraitdiana lol portraitdiana lol portraitdiana lol portrait